Alter Ego-New Style of Commissioned portraits

I was invited to join and create a piece for the Brevard Art Museaum in March, 2011. It was an honor, and a challenge that although was very difficult, brought back the reason I got into photography in the first place. A true art form is produced from the subject and the personalities that are revealed and play together in a seamless moment. What is your Alter Ego?

Nikki is a sophisticated and successful business woman by day… but the night brings an alter ego of a punk rocker.. letting loose and releasing the inner performer!

Jackie is known for her charity work and social clubs, but not many know she has a hidden talent and passion for ballroom dancing!  Her strength and power, and her good time personality is portrayed in this first phase of her alter ego.  She dances with herself in this unexpected location… “Dancing With Myself”  is what I call this phase of the project.  See final piece next.

This final piece shows Jackie in her many layers as she is a star in her own life, on television she interviews local heros and celebrities. In this piece that was featured in the “ALTER EGO” show at the Brevard Art Museam, she interviews the movie star that is herself, and discusses the movie she stars in.

What is your alter ego?

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